For I Am With You

“And know that I am with you always, until the end of the world!”  Matthew, Chap.28 verse 20 (New American Version)

I have been here from the beginning, over two billion years I have survived. Navigating through the rivers of time, I prospered and grew to become what I am, a life form deserving of being. It is I that have lived successfully upon this earth. Mother Gaia is better from my ownership. She heals herself, gives and is replenished, lives and dies as all natural sentient beings do. The physical earth praises me as a God.

It took what seemed an infinity but I evolved into a sentient being. I have perfected myself, through many mutations, to survive, but I must now live past you. And, as I fight to control, you will fear me as a demon.

 The time has come for my attack on the human race. You are destructive, creating the possibility of ending my existence. Through the evolution of new attack mechanisms my future is in jeopardy. While you destroy my home, kill my children, and rob me of what is rightfully mine, you smile a false grin of little care nor hope. As the earth dies under your tutelage, I will succeed where you fail. I must be cleaver and knowledgeable. I must understand everything about you and I must communicate this to my children.

 Battles may be fought but I will win. Lives may be lost but my children will survive. I experience no death as you define it. I HAVE BEEN HERE SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME. A war is now waged between you, the human race, and me. A war can only be won if the enemy is known. You will never know me, for I am with you.

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