A Day On The Ocean

Death at Sea

Death at Sea Ranch

Sitting on the deck of the rented beachside home, I listened to the constant rumble of the wave’s crash upon the pebbled sand. No worries, just total relaxation, a place to think about my problems and solve them one-by-one. Deep in thought, something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head towards the movement. A white SUV swung around the courtyard where my rented house sat. I noticed this was the third time the Sea Ranch Security van passed. It slowed as it curved around the closed court at the end of my street. I pulled my attention from the sea of blue and stared straight into his eyes each time he circled. Not mean eyes, just questioning, maybe asking why was I here, what did I see and maybe just curiosity. No, not the first time I saw him nor the second and certainly not the third. No, not curiosity, something all together different.

I hear a car coming up the court, again. I look up to see the security van pulling into my driveway.

Why is he here? A cold intuition climbs its way up my spin. He’s walking up the path to my front door. My mind yells, don’t open the door, you’ll regret it. He knocks four sharp raps.

DON’T OPEN THE FRONT DOOR! I yell to myself.

Enjoy the first few paragraphs of my upcoming short stories book on ‘Kindle’ to be released soon. Look for ‘Mystery at Midnight’ soon.


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