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Behind The Door

Behind The Door

This is a fiction writing blog from the works of Judy Haar. You will see short stories, articles and chapters in a new thrilling work of fiction. Look behind the writing, open the door to the story and walk into the plot.

Writing is habit forming. And, so is reading. I find most of my learning comes from reading books in my genre. I study how they flow, how they ‘show’ the scene and make me part of it. I find the art of showing often is replaced by telling which in many cases bores the reader.

I will publish some of my short stories.  Destiny is just one of my short stories included in my Kindle Short, The Secrets of Life and Death; A Collection of Short Stories About Change

I have just added another of my stories. Hope you enjoy Dimensions.

A third story is an introduction to my upcoming book, not yet published, on Kindle. It’s called For I Am With You. I’ll announce when it’s ready.

Keep checking back for more exciting fiction. I hope you enjoy them.

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