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1 04 2013
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I am on a journey to find out how to effectively market my ebooks. Now there is the question of the century. Let me explain. I have read no less then ten books on this subject and untold articles. They all have great ideas, at least some, to follow and all claim the success of the journey. So I am starting out taking some advice and seeing the effects. So here is the start to what I am doing. Follow along on my journey and tell me your comments on things I should try. Remember, there is only so many hours in a day.\

1. Finding other blogs of interest and commenting frequently. (has produced some feedback)

2. Looked at some blog:dofollow sites and added them to my commenting frequently

3. Created two blogs on and am linking them back to my website

4. Created a website called

5.Put up a business page on face book.

6.submitted on several submit url for free sites.

7. Starting writing for a science magazine/content mill to get my bio out.

8. Starting linking to other articles/Youtube video’s I like and putting them up on my webpage.

9. Writing, almost finished, with a article for my Call-to-action free giveaway.

10. I signed up for several sites to ping my website.

11. Today is my business facebook page update

12. Tomorrow is my Twitter page update

Please add what has worked for you.




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