I woke today realizing ……..

2 02 2012

I woke today realizing that I need to start writing, been buried in other things as is often the case. So here are my 5 things that I must do to keep on track with my writing and you can do that too.
1. Learn to say no.
Many things take our time all wanting attention. Pick the one, hopefully writing, and say no to the rest. I know it is hard, so practice saying it with me “no”.
2. Set a place where you can write.
Make this place yours where you can post notes, leave papers and file articles. It doesn’t have to be a large space, it can be in your bedroom, a study, even the garage, but make it yours.
3. Set a time.
This goes along with learning to say no. Your time is the hardest thing to control but once you get in the habit of a specific time for your writing, it will come easier.
4. Keep a Journal
When you think of something that can affect your writing like a new idea or topic and you are out and about, write it in a small journal. It can be online, paper or whatever is the easiest for you, just do it.
5. Never stop reading
Carry a book, load one on your iphone or kindle but there is a lot of free time while you are waiting for things: groceries, doctor appointments and in-line. Never stop learning and reading. Pick a book that teaches you something or a genre you want to emulate.




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