What do you like to write?

3 09 2011
Write Short Fiction


There is beauty in writing, all kinds, all types. A wonderful book that pulls you into it’s story is well worth the time to read it. As you know, I write off-fiction: suspense, thriller or sci-fi. But I love reading all kinds. What genre do you like to write in? Have you started publishing on Kindle or B&N or Smashwords? Tell me about it. I definitely started, it’s the way of the future.




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4 09 2011

I haven’t quite figured out if I write YA or mainstream fiction. I suppose it’s a bit of both. Either way, it’s very male-centric. I self-published with Smashwords and Amazon and have been happy with both. The thriller genre is a favorite of mine and I am excited to read what you’ve got started!

1 10 2011
Writer Creation

I like your writing and agree, it is both. Have you tried B&N pubit? Haven’t done that but hear it is a good place also.

4 09 2011
Writer Creation

I enjoy your writing. You also have a talent for humor which I find hard to write. Will visit your site frequently.

1 10 2011
Writer Creation

Thank you. I appreciate your comment

23 09 2011
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